Kwa Zulu Natal, the Zulu Kingdom, is famous for it's heritage and rich in culture and history. Our arts and aulture volunteer opportunities allow you to discover the unique traditional Zulu Cutlure and connect with local artists. The Durban Green Corridors works together with a lot of organizations which are related to arts and culture. Weather you are a musician, painter, sculpturist or a performing artist, you can share your skills and your knowledge and learn a lot for yourself!

Mary Steenbank Gallery

The site of Mary Stainbank Memorial Gallery is a restored wing of the headquarters of the global headquarters of the Wilderness Leadership School. The gallery is the focal point of the Ndaba Nkulu Heritage Hub in the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve in Yellowwood Park in Durban. This venue provides the unique opportunity for students of art and the general public to view this full private collection of the acclaimed artist, who is credited with bringing modernism to the fore in southern Africa, in a setting which marries art, culture, history and conservation in a unique juxtaposition.

The opening of the gallery is however, just the tip of the ice berg in relation to the enormous potential of this project that is the full development of the gallery and the Ndaba Nkulu Heritage Hub. Ongoing funding is required to ensure that a curator is given the opportunity to bring this collection to an audience where the public and schools and students of art are given the opportunity to view this important collection. The collection and the archives need to be digitally categorized. The collection itself is in need of restoration for some of the pieces and ongoing meticulous and professional preservation a priority with collections of this kind.

Main Tasks

  • This project requires a manager/curator to position this gallery as a arts venue of choice in the greater Durban area
  • The books and manuscripts need digital cataloguing

  • The catalogue needs to be designed for print

    Events management and planning

  • Establishment of artists in residence and allied programmes

  • Interaction with local arts colleges and schools to arrange for student tours


Admin fee: $70
Accommodation: $80/week
Food: self catering

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