About your stay


How long can I volunteer?

You should calculate a minimum of 6 weeks and maximum 12 weeks for your voluntary service. Longer stays are possible on request.


Where am I going to stay?

Accommodation is organized by Durban Green Corridor. Where you will stay depends on the projectsite you are allocated to. The fees are very affordable and range between $100 – $200/month.


What is included in the fee?

We try our best to keep the coast as low as possible for our volunteers. The fee includes the accommodation, airport-pick Up and the Durban Green Corridor Activities on your introduction weekend.


How many hours do I work work?

Volunteers work between 6-8 hours 5 days a week. Sometimes, work at weekends is required for special occasions or events. In that case, volunteers get days off during the week. It also possible to take a longer weekend off during your stay to explore some of Durban’s nearby locations.


How strict is my work schedule?

We are very happy if our volunteers carry out projects and ideas. You will also get the chance to develop teambuildings and activities with other volunteers.


Health & Safety


Do I have to see a doctor before coming to South Africa?

Yes, you have to visit your doctor for medical advise. There are a few injections recommended for South Africa.


Do I have to take Malaria medication?

There is no malaria risks in Durban. If you wish to travel to other regions in South Africa (Kruger National Park), you should ask your doctor weather to take medication or not.


Do I need a health insurance?

Yes, you need to organize travel insurance by yourself.


Is a first aid certificate required to work for the Durban Green Corridor?

Yes, a certificate is required for the Sports Program, not older then two years.




Visa & Arrival


Do I need a visa for south Africa?

Yes, you do need a visa to come to South Africa. We will support you with the application process.


What is the introduction weekend about?

The introduction weekend is part of the volunteer program and will introduce the volunteers to Durban Green Corridor and the city. Part of the weekend are some of the Durban Green Corridor activities (cultural tours, canoeing, hiking or mountain biking). The volunteers will get to know our staff and our different Projectsites at the Umgeni River.



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