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Beautiful Girl

Street Life photography

Beautiful Girl

Street Life photography

The Green Corridor volunteer programme encourages young people from across the globe to be part of our community development programs in andaround Durban and KwaZulu-Natal. Plunge into a new culture, full of unique experiences as you live and work in a Zulu community and learn to see the world in a different way.

A highly beneficial learning experience for you and the community you work in, sharing your skills will give locals the chance to expand their knowledge, while you learn the intricacies of the Zulu people and South African culture. Embark on a life-changing experience by volunteering for a Green Corridors opportunity. 

Sports Coaching

All too often rural schools do not offer extracurricular or organized activities leaving hundreds of school children unsupervised and underexposed to a range of opportunities. 

The Green Corridor's youth programme aims to bridge this gap by engaging hundreds of school children in a range of activities from mountain biking and trail running to environmental education programs and other outdoor activities. These programmes are made possible with the time and effort put in by our volunteers, so connect with us if Sports Coaching is your focus.


Tourism activities, locations and opportunities serve little purpose if nobody knows about them. Our volunteers play a critical role in developing marketing and public relations materials around our exiting and dynamic areas of work and communicating them across a range of platforms and networks.

Volunteers are encouraged use their marketing, communication and other creative skills to put their stamp on their work and build their portfolios while driving our eco-tourism agenda. Connect with us about this volunteer opportunity.


From cultural tours and guided nature hikes to canoeing and mountain biking, we aim to give tourists an experience that goes beyond the activity of the day, but seeks to educate, inspire and add value to the communities along the routes.

Our eco-tourism volunteers assist in the development, packaging and marketing of current and new experiences, also playing an active role in the administrative planning at the sites and helping with event organization. If eco-tourism is your passion and you have marketing skills up your sleeve, then get in touch with us to find out about volunteering.


In South Africa, the legacy of educational and financial divides has resulted in many rural children falling behind in their schooling. With education being a key driver for social, environmental and economic development, we have several youth development and education programmes that require the support of qualified volunteers.

Our teaching programs give volunteers the opportunity to support local teachers and students by aiding them with their school work and beyond the classroom, teaching them about their role in their communities and habitats. Get in touch with the team for volunteer teaching opportunities.


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