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The eThekwini Municipality is establishing the KwaDabeka Agri-tourism Project on the site of the decommissioned waste water works. Durban Green Corridors is acting as the Municipality’s agent to manage the site and support a number of developmental programmes. In this capacity DGC seeks to appoint a consultant for the following project.

1. Project context

A project that commenced in January 2018 to establish a 3.5 hectare food garden on the site is nearing completion. Several communal agricultural gardens on the site were dismantled to make way for the development of this new garden in which these previous growers and possibly new entrants will be accommodated. The Garden is fenced and has been architectured with swales and raised beds and is supported with irrigation from a borehole as well as containerised toilets and storage. Electricity is in the process of being installed. DGC will also provide overall site management support.

2. Scope of work

The appointed consultant will be required to work with the on-site growers and in cooperation with the site management and the Municipality’s Agroecology Unit to assist the growers to re-establish an agricultural operation that best suits their subsistence needs, as well as aiming to maximise the potential to generate income from the garden.

In order to achieve this outcome the consultant should:

  • Form a positive mentorship bond with the gardeners so as to lead them in the direction of the consultant’s thinking with their enthusiastic cooperation
  • Work with the group of gardeners to decide on:
    • an organizational model for management of the enterprise
    • the allocation of the available space for various intended uses as well as the allocation among members, whether individually or collectively
    • determine whether the new garden is to be fully utilized by the original co-op farmers, or whether and how new entrants can be accommodated in the project.
    • A production model that maximizes the output of the garden, preferably with the intention of establishing a market for the sale of their produce and the realization of a cash income for the sustainability of the enterprise and in income for its members.
  • Provide technical guidance to maximize productivity of organization and output
  • Design and establish a low cost but fit for purpose seedling nursery as a part of the enterprise and support the growers to get it working. A budget of R25,000 will be provided for the nursery.

3. Assessment of competitive bids

Bids will be assessed on four criteria on a weighted scoring systems.

  • Professional Competency - 40 points
  • Project proposal – 20 points
  • Value for Money - 20 points
  • Empowerment – 20 points

3.1  Professional competency: based on the following indicators.

  • Farming experience; you are required to give a detailed explanation of your practical farming or related experience
  • Agricultural or related qualifications; list and provide supporting documentation of any formal or other skills training qualifications
  • Agricultural advisory consultancy experience; list and describe all relevant consultancy projects
  • Other past work of a similar nature; list and describe any other employment activities or projects that indicate competency for this project
  • IsiZulu proficiency; describe the IsiZulu proficiency of the people who will be interacting with the farmers
  • Nursery establishment; present a design of the nursery you will establish if supplied with a budget plus on-site labour and describe how the nursery will be operated within the project

3.2  Project proposal:

  • This proposal should respond to the Scope of Work given above and describe;
    • The vision of what is anticipated to be achieved by the end of the project
    • What the end of project result should be expected to yield in a further 12 months’ time.
    • A breakdown of specific deliverables contributing to the end of project outcome, such as;
      • Organisational structure for decision making and administration
      • Allocating of space as to members and production
      • Extent of income generating or subsistence production
      • Approach to identifying a market and how the market requirement should be satisfied
      • Other aspects

3.3   Value for money/price:

A fixed budget of R100,000.00 exclusive of VAT is provided for the consultant’s time, travel and other disbursement costs. The assessment of the competitiveness of bids will be made on four criteria:

  • The hourly rate and minimum number of hours to be committed by each member of the project team.
  • Total cost of professional time
  • Provision for travel and other costs

4. Black Economic Empowerment:

Points will be awarded on the following basis:

  • Level 1 – 20 points
  • Level 2 – 18 points
  • Level 3 – 16 points
  • Level 4 – 14 points
  • Exempted – 14 points
  • Level 5 – 12 points
  • Level 6 – 10 points
  • Level 7 – 8 points
  • Level 8– 6 points
  • Non-compliant - 0 points

5. Timing and Project duration

The appointment date is expected by early September 2018 and completion of the organizational set up and mentoring service is expected by no later than 31 January 2019.

6. Proposal

The bid should include a written proposal that explains:

  • The understanding of the project requirements
  • The objectives the project will aim to achieve
  • The vision of the business organisation and production processes.
  • Approach to realising a market, both in terms of identification of initial customers and how the supply to meet this customer requirement will be organised.
  • A specific description of the nursery set up and it operation (based on materials and seeds being supplied).

7. Submissions

The proposal should to be submitted both in electronic format on a USB memory stick together and one hard copy. The document set should include:

  • the narrative project proposal describing clearly what services will be provided, the outcomes to be delivered and the indicators by which the delivery can be measured.
  • an implementation timetable that corresponds to the narrative proposal and showing the phases of the project and the number of hours allocated by the consultant / or each member of the consulting times per project phase.
  • the price, showing the total budget and a breakdown of the number of hours allocated. (The purpose is to assess the value for money that will be provided.
  • Personal or company profile addressing the above mentioned competency requirements.

The bid should be submitted in a sealed envelope and delivered to the Durban Green Corridors office at, 10 Stiebel Place, Blue Lagoon, Durban by the closing date of 16h00, on Friday 7th September 2018.

The sealed envelope should state the project title, being;


For tracking purposes also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm that you have delivered a submission.

8. Provision for negotiations

This brief is subject to changes, which may stem from negotiation of final terms with the successful bidder.

9. Specification and Procurement Priorities

The following requirements must be adhered to as part of the process:

  • The quotation shall include as separate figures; the project cost excluding VAT, disbursements, VAT and Total cost including VAT.
  • A schedule of projected time and financial cost per phase must be provided.
  • A current tax clearance certificate must be submitted.
  • A Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Compliance Certificate from an accredited rating agency or an auditor’s letter confirming exemption if the personal or Company income is less than R5 million in the past financial year.


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