Step 3: Self Assessment against the Sustainable Development Goals

The project is in its early stages of implementation, at this stage we are looking for your ideas and inputs. But on a broad level, you as a product owner would commit to making a contribution to at least two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  We can assist you in identifying opportunities, projects and interventions.

Ultimately, we would like to these projects up-scaling year on year, the size and scale of the project is not important, what is important is to show you’re making a difference and trying to improve / make a positive impact.

Indirect Impact, but we do contribute Direct impact with a clearly defined projectDirect impact with a project that is communicated to touristsDirect impact, with a defined project that tourists can actually contribute to
Reduce poverty
Reduce hunger
Promote good health
Promote quality education
Promote gender equality
Save water
Promote clean energy
Provide decent working conditions
New innovations in the tourism industry
Reduce social inequality
Promote sustainable cities
Reduce resource consumption
Take action against climate change
Conserve marine biodiversity
Conserve land biodiversity
Promote peace and justice

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