Responsible tourism is any form of tourism that can be consumed in a more responsible way. “Responsible tourism is tourism which: minimizes negative social, economic and environmental impacts. generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities.

A process of continuous improvement 

Through a partnership with the City of eThekwini and the City of Bremen in Germany, Durban Green Corridors is working to develop a network of responsible tourism products for the incoming international markets. This programme also includes initiating a campaign to create greater awareness for responsible tourism and how consumers can make a difference by choosing wisely. 

Recent market research has shown that over 60% of German tourists actively seek out responsible tourism experiences or expect their holidays to be "responsible". For many tourism products, achieving this is a long journey. Durban Green Corridors is developing ways to make this journey easier through a process of 

Identifying tourism products that wish to improve their triple bottom line impact 

Working with these products, developing resources and tools to assist products in achieving responsible tourism goals through a process of incremental improvement. 

Creating a direct link between the market and tourism products by offering tourists tailor made itineraries which incorporate responsible tourism accommodation and experiences. 

The programme is funded over three years through NAKOPA, The Service Agency Communities in One World is Germany’s competence centre for local development cooperation. On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

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