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Beautiful Girl

Street Life photography

Membership to the Sustainable Tourism Network is not about “Green Certification” but about making the positive benefits of sustainable tourism simple and accessible to the tourism industry and tourists themselves and helping them understand the positive impact their tourism choices can make. Click here to view our current members 

Benefits of joining the network

  • It's FREE

  • Marketing and direct connections with responsible tourism travellers

  • One-on-one support to help you achieve and improve your sustainable tourism goals

  • Exposure to a market focused on eco-tourism experiences

  • Part of a local network focused on ensuring the Durban tourism experience leave a lasting and positive impact

    Full member listing on Green Corridor website

  • Inclusion in our package offering to tourists

Step 1: Agree To The Code Of Conduct

Our Sustainable Tourism Network code of conduct commits you to conducting your business according to the set of principles laid out in our code of conduct. 

Step 2: Submit Your Info

Please provide us with information on your business, which we will use for marketing purposes and to create your profile for our platforms. All images must good quality and must capture what you do remembering ‘a picture says a 1000 words’. Be creative, tell your story, own what you have created!

Step 3: Self-Assessment

The Green Corridor Sustainable Tourism Network subscribes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and each of the products and places in our network are asked to commit to at least two of these goals.

Green Corridors will assist you in identifying your unique opportunities, projects and interventions to help you attain as many sustainable goals as possible.


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