iSithumba - Valley of a 1000 Thrills Route

Just 15 minutes from Hillcrest and 45 minutes from central Durban is a place hidden deep in the uMngeni Valley, a place of incredible natural beauty, mystical legends, crippling views, adrenalin stirring adventures, warm, friendly people, a place that from the moment you leave, you’ll be planning your next visit.

The iSithumba Tourism Route is a project of the Durban Green Corridor and the Valley of a 1000 Hills Tourism Association with one purpose, to share with you, the visitor to our area, one of the most special and magical places Durban has to offer.

All the activities and attractions along the route are community owned and managed with support from Durban Green Corridor, so as a tourist, you are making a direct, positive impact on the local economy and people's lives. 

Browse our interactive map below or download our PDF Map of the route to take on the road. 

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