You’ve probably viewed the Valley of a 1000 hills, now come experience it. iSithumba Just 15 minutes from Hillcrest and 45 minutes from central Durban is a place hidden deep in the uMngeni Valley, a place of incredible natural beauty, mystical legends, crippling views, adrenalin stirring adventures, warm, friendly people, a place that from the moment you leave, you’ll be planning your next visit.


The iSithumba Tourism Route is a project of the Durban Green Corridor, community based tourism products in the valley and the Valley of a 1000 Hills Tourism Association with one purpose, to share with you, the visitor to our area, one of the most special and magical places Durban has to offer.


A series of self drive routes that take you through warm friendly rural communities, along winding mountain roads and stops with breathtaking views. You can experience all of this in a normal sedan car, guided or unguided. Or if you’re looking to really get off the beaten track, a series of guided 4x4 routes are also available with expert 4x4 tour leaders to show you the ropes.


The experience starts at iSithumba Adventure Centre, your base for incredible mountain bike trails, hiking, bird watching and one of the most authentic cultural experiences in the country. Share a cold beer at the local tavern; learn about the legends of iSithumba Rock or have the local Sangoma throw her bones and give you a glimpse into your future. Or try one of the newest Durban experiences,  a gentle, sometimes not so gentle, sometimes exciting ride down the uMngeni River between the iSithumba Adventure Centre and the infamous Mamba Gorge.  The scenery is a dramatic, sheer cliff faces and rocky outcrops greet you as you drift along the river. At the end of the Tube Ride you will hike back to iSithumba along one of our nature trails, this is an easy, 30 minute guided walk where you will hear stories about the legends of the valley, see incredible birdlife and soak in this wonderful wild area.


Further along the route you can take a horse-riding trail along the uMngeni River, visit local crafters at their home, forests, cliffs, grasslands, a bird watchers dream, pop in at one of the many friendly taverns, take a drive up Emalangeni Hill where on a clear day you can see the Drakensberg and the Ocean in a single view. Have a stop at Mfula Store, one of the Valley’s most famous landmarks, view some of the amazing rapids along the Dusi Canoe Marathon Route or relax and take a dip at the tranquil picnic at the uMngeni and Mqeku river confluence.


There really is something for everyone. Watch this space for further information on experiencing this amazing piece of Durban, launching mid December 2015.


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