The valley of a 1000 hills is no new place to me as a city girl, I drive in and out all the time for lunch, but I had no idea that behind the Hillcrest mountain lies a place called KwaXimba. This place is made up of 9 units I visited unit number 7 which is known as Isithumba.


Welcomed by traditional zulu huts Isithumba is a beautiful natural environment where you can’t help but let your senses run crazy. The smell in the air is like that of boiling water; pure and calming. The sounds of the kids at a near by school are so joyful, one finds themselves smiling at sweet ‘nothings’. Rich in culture and life isithumba is one of the cleanest rural steads I have ever come across.


The people who referred to themselves as “amalokhal” are cheerful and friendly they really make one feel at home. Every single person you pass greets you with a warm smile and reminds you that here you can be yourself and are safe in their community. I also got to visit the respected person of the community baba Chonco. He is a bishop of Zion christian church and he practices as a spiritual healer (umthandazi). I was so fascinated at how he can foretell one’s future and present state of one’s life. He has a ancestral gift he believes is from God. The zulu hut that he consults is painted bright blue and when you enter as a woman you are automatically shown a mat where you must sit; women sit on the left on a mat and men on the right on a mini bench. This is because culture believes that a man is always right and his authority must not be questioned. As a sit girl this concept puzzled me but it was fascinating how it came naturally to the women around me. I was humbled.


When sitting in the consulting room I felt like I was sitting in the museum . With goat bile and skins hanging from the roof and beautiful colourful vintage gowns that the healer wears when consulting. It seemed that everything in the room was placed in a certain way for a specific reason yet it looked so perfect . Its clear that all these things and colours have a significant meaning but I was captured by the visual appeal.


"This was a real taste of a rural lifestyle , I even had an opportunity to step into a local tavern and play pool while I waited for my lunch…. “isibindi” and fried chips. It's quite an experience."



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