You would think the best picnic spots in Durban would be on the beach but no, if you look a little further you will soon realise there is a whole eco-system of natural beauty just waiting to be enjoyed. 

The Umngeni River Valley offers a completely unique and mesmerising experience and in particular, Durban Green Corridor's site locations, offer unbelieveable areas of extreme natural beauty. There really is no better place to open a blanket and enjoy a picnic with friends, family and loved ones. Perfect family fun in Durban. 

You can dine on the winding river bank, next to a tranquil dam bursting with bird life, next to waterfalls, beneath cliffs or with endless views of the Valley of a Thousand Hills. You would'nt believe there could be so many shades of green! 

You can even request a picnic from any of the Durban Green Corridor sites and have it all ready for you when you arrive or of course you can pack your own. 

Sites at Inanda Dam, Blue Lagoon and in the Valley of a Thousan Hills offer the ultimate picnic spots in Durban. 

See here for more information on picnic spots in Durban.

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