Have you ever imagined how would feel to leave your country of origin and go live and work in a foreign country, adjusting to a totally new environment and way of life?  This is exactly what the Durban Green Corridors volunteering programme aims to achieve, an experience for young travelers who want to make their visit to South Africa more meaningful and get an experience of a lifetime. Durban Green Corridors recently welcomed Viktoria Bircher and her fellow German friend Franziska Wittin, both are volunteering as sports coaches at our youth development programme at Inanda Adventures.

Volunteering is generally considered an activity where an individual provides services for no financial gain "to benefit another person". Part of the Durban Green Corridor volunteering experience is living in the community with a local family, getting a real taste of life in South Africa.

Durban Green Corridors has offered a new meaning to voluntarism by putting us up in a homestay, staying in a homestay accommodation has given us the authentic experience of Zulu tradition. It's given us such a more meaningful experience of life in a rural community in South Africa, something we would not have had staying in a B&B or hotel! ~ Viktoria Bircher

Viktoria joined us at the beginning of February and has been staying with the Maphumulo Family at their homestay near Inanda dam for the past two months. The heart warming welcome she received from her host family made he convince her friend, who was rather skeptical about staying at a homestay and wanted accommodation at a nearest B&B to join her in the community. Both volunteers at Maphumulo Homestay now cannot stop talking about the hospitality, respect and warmth they receive from every member of their host family, this is their home away from home.

Over and above their experience in the valley, these young travelers make use of their weekends to explore Durban’s hidden treasures. As Durban Green Corridors we were honored to host such wonderful souls. We wish them the best on their future endeavors. Have a look at the heartwarming video below for a taste of this experience.

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