We are so happy to finally be able to let you all know about an exciting project we have been working on for the last year and a half- HeyDurban.

HeyDurban is a free lifestyle and entertainment mobile app that provides a comprehensive and interactive listing of events and venues in the city.. that you can access with just a couple of taps… HeyDurban’s tagline, ‘#BonaKonke’ says it all.

Navigate through live events, suburbs, venues, music genres, cuisine specialities; to find that local coffee spot you never knew about, or discover a new market to meander around. You though you’d been to all the Shisa Nyamas worth going to? Guess again!

HeyDurban helps connect Durbanites with their city in an easy and effective way. Through continual use, HeyDurban can even learn your tastes and preferences, and will recommend events or venues that it thinks that you’ll love in the dedicated ‘For You’ screen.

Far more than a listing app, HeyDurban lets you phone, message, tweet, heart or even call an uber right from the venue or event you’re busy viewing. Haven’t been bitten by the Uber bug yet? Then just tap directions and let your phone’s maps app show you exactly where you’re going. If you know what you’re looking for then use the full filter search to narrow in on exactly what you want. If you’re keen to try something new, let the app recommend venues or events ‘For You’, or just view venues via your location, and find gems that were right under your nose the whole time! Found a priceless gem? Tap on the ‘love’ icon and it’s saved to your own personalised favourites.

And IF you opt in, we’ll soon be able to let you know about core service issues in your area: a reminder that load shedding in your area is going to commence soon, or a notification letting you know what time water restrictions will come to affect, or even if beach conditions are severe. HeyDurban is about helping you get the most out living in your city.

We know that Durban is filled not just with hungry patrons, but the guy that braais the meat; not just caffeine addicted hipsters, but the person opening up the shop hours before; not just music fans looking for big night out, but the promoter that made sure everyone was there for sound check. Venue owners and event organisers… we’re looking at you and this is where it gets special!

HeyDurban has a completely dedicated portal for venue owners and event organisers, where those of you who help make this city what it is, can sign up in a matter of minutes, and list all your venues or events on the HeyDurban app. You’re in control!

Our intuitive time selector means no matter how simple or complicated your trading hours are, you can let potential clients know exactly when you’re open for business. Do you own multiple venues? Are you currently promoting more than one even? No problem, just click ‘Add’. That simple.

That’s only the beginning! We know that data is vital shop owners and event organisers. That’s why HeyDurban’s vendor portal provides real-time statistics showing you how many times your listing was viewed, how many times it was ‘loved’, even how many times someone liked your Facebook page via HeyDurban. All of this info displayed in a beautiful interface that’s easy to understand and even easier to use.

Without vendors there wouldn’t be much reason for citizens to use HeyDurban, that’s why we’re so happy to let you know that signing up and listing your venues or events, is also completely free!

By signing on as a HeyDurban vendor for free, users are able to easily and effectively interact with you in the following ways:
- by tapping on Facebook or Twitter icons, they’ll be sent straight to your social profiles where you can keep the real conversations going.
- by tapping the phone icon, potential clients can call to make that reservation.
- by tapping the email icon, your email address will immediately and automatically be loaded onto a new mail.
- by tapping the tickets icon, they’ll be directed to the external website where you’re selling your tickets.
- by tapping the maps icon, your location will be automatically loaded into their GPS.
- by tapping the UBER icon, your location will be entered into the UBER app and they can grab a ride straight to you
- by tapping the heart icon, users can favourite your venue or event

HeyDurban is here to showcase your city, and to promote Durban’s local tourism in a new and exciting light. We’re launching in January so come on board!

Head over to www.heydurbanapp.com to get notified of when you can download the app for your platform (Android and iOS). If you’re a venue owners or event organiser, you can head over right now and can create your free account today.

#BonaKonke - See them all.

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